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Ocean facts: sailing with no money

“The night has been dramatic: exactly at 03:00 am a tidal wave hitted us from behind and ripped the seat aft, tearing the engine of dinghy ou fo board and get me against the “tambugio”, which was fortunately closed. Bruno, my son enjoyed his turn to rest in the cabin. I was bound and I’ve not been flew overboard.”

Ezio Miani, former actor, journalist and photographer, in 2013 started from Greece to go into the unknown (aboard of a a sail boat 10 meters long, with just 200 euros in his pocket). Almost he wanted want to prove to himself that to find his own “island” It would ahve been possible. – “It’s so hard to realize our dreams?” – Asked one day Jem to himself? He called his son Bruno ad said: –“I have decided. I will leave to the west tomorrow. “-” I want to make a madness. I will start with only 200 Euros in my pocket. Life is power. – The father said. –“Dad, you are crazy! You are not organized, you do not have the respect sails, you do not have the satellite… I will come with you.” – Asnswered the son Bruno.

Oceano blu

Sicilia, Formentera, Canarie, Capo Verde and the Caribbeans. The Venezuelan islands of Los Roques, the Netherlands Antilles and then the Colombia. Trying to survive. But one day, at the horizon, the low San Blas islands, to the south of Holandese island, on of the biggest.

– “My son was at the bow I was at the helm, entranced by the beauty we were enjoying. All the energy that San Blas emanates. That positive energy that I had only heard in the ocean and in the desert. The energy of nothing, nature’s energy, the energy of life.”

… I deserve a warm beer; the fuse of the fridge and radio are out of action. That beer with a cigarette made with a moldy tobacco of three years ago is special, I feel another man. I’ve took a shower, the first fresh water after 15 days. A dish of garlic and oil noodles, and finally I’ve got find the latest special reserve of rum thatBladis had given me…

– “We decided to anchor in a protected bay from the Aliseo, passing between the sharp coral. I learned later that all GPS devices have a considerable gap, and for that, instead of 8 meters of seabed there were scant 2. The reason why a “velero” a month gets stuck between the rocks. The only good maps we had were those of Eric Bauhaus, his logbook became our bible.”

– “A canoe It’s approaching us, carved from a tree trunk. On board a smilig indio kuna and close his son. He told us the situation speaking to us in Spanish: in isla Porvenir there is the immigration and customser office, but there are not mechanical, shops, hotels … there is nothing that is not only nature. Succeed we need to handle it by ourself.”

San Blas islands: the Paradise

All the islands, except Checheme are wild. Only small eateries and a few huts to rent to travelers are growing up. The tables are made by trunks transported by sea, and of course there is neither electricity nor drinking water.

The busiest island is Banedup, almost thirty sailing shipsbetween monohulls and catamarans are at the anchor. The 80% are Italian. Welcome to the San Blas. Breathtaking islands where two worlds coexist in harmony: the peaceful and hospitable Kuna and the globe trotter skippers. Many friends and travelers together along the Neverland island.

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Thanks to Ezio for the cruise on board of Iemanjà. Wonderful vacation around the islands.

Stefi Elmström

Thanks Ezio! We have had a great time in San Blas. Beautiful cruise on Iemanjà.

Linsa & Grace

Ezio sei un grande amico! Ci vediamo presto alle isole San Blas per un giro in vela.

Marcello Moresco

Mi ricordo quella vacanza in Grecia al timone di Iemanjà. Ezio sei davvero forte!

Maurizio Lupi

We've got married in San Blas, and it was a dream came true Ezio great skipper."

Patricia Moreno

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