Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat

One day in San Blas

Around 5/5.30 am a jeep will pick you up at the hotel in Panama. With the sun rises above you, you will leave behind the skyscrapers of this financial city and pass through the jungle of the kuna yala, almost untouched by man, up to a dock in Cartì (3 hours). Colorful and cheerful Indios will help you to board on motorboats that will take you to the boats and catamarans already booked (Checheme or Banedup) in 30/40 minutes.
Once arrived you can decide to dive in this crystalline water (32°) and enjoy a happy hour and tapas.
From now on your daily routine will be in the sign of relax, sport and fun.
You will get up diving in the crystal-clear blue and you’ll have breakfast  with tropical fruits, moka-cofee, arancheros eggs and arepas. A breathless reef will give you the opportunity to snorkel while having an underwater photo shoot.
At lunch, as soon as you get on board, spaghetti with lobsters that will literally drive you crazy.
For the rest of the day there’s the possibility to visit Kuna’s huts ( native of San Blas), admire their handcraft works and the well-known molas, drinking some fresh coconut juice.
Sunset is maybe the best part of the day, listening to the sound of the sea and the southamerican folk music, while sipping a cold beer.
For dinner you can either choose to have a mixed grill on board or at the beach.
You will fall asleep cradled by the waves, under the stars.
For the next days, according to the length of your stay here and the weather forecast, we will visit many other islands as Holandes, Cocco bandito, Green, Cambombia, Salardup, Korkodup and many others.
This vacation will be certainly an unforgettable experience that will give you the opportunity to live close to nature, in a complete different world.

Thanks to Ezio for the cruise on board of Iemanjà. Wonderful vacation around the islands.

Stefi Elmström

Thanks Ezio! We have had a great time in San Blas. Beautiful cruise on Iemanjà.

Linsa & Grace

Ezio sei un grande amico! Ci vediamo presto alle isole San Blas per un giro in vela.

Marcello Moresco

Mi ricordo quella vacanza in Grecia al timone di Iemanjà. Ezio sei davvero forte!

Maurizio Lupi

We've got married in San Blas, and it was a dream came true Ezio great skipper."

Patricia Moreno