Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat

Sail boats

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Carriacou is a COMET 50 ft, with five double cabins, three of them king-sized and two with bunk beds for 10 beds in total.


El veleroEzio

Fit and perfect for couples, Iemanja will take you to the most extraordinary and exclusive islands while feeling the magical atmosphere of the outstanding world of Guna Yala.




Born with sporting spirit Nike is suitable for those who want to enjoy a comfortable holiday boat without sacrificing sailing performances. Equipped with three double cabins, a large bathroom and comfortable dining area can accommodate up to 6 people.


Augustine is a wonderful boat of 65 feets, a Joubert specifically. It has two double cabins and an extra-deluxe one plus three bathrooms.





A Beneteau 41 ocean clipper, with two double rooms e two bathrooms. An extremely cozy and comfortable boat. The captain prepares a delicious paella.