Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat

San Blas islands

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“Imagine a turquoise Archipelago with an island for every single day of the year, white sands and swinging palms. These Caribbean islands are an utopia. San Blas are the territory of the Kuna. They are a free native group which run the islands almost without any interference from the National Government.”

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A paradise of 378 islands

San Blas islands

The San Blas islands are the number one destination for whom decides to spend an holiday in Panama or maybe in Central America. This is because the place has not been discovered by mass tourism yet, and it’s under the control of the natives.The aim of Kunas is to protect their lands, keeping alive their traditions and respecting the natural beauties of the place.

We have sailed the venezuelan waters infested by sharks and pirates to get to Colombia and then to San Blas. In the past six months disappeared many ships and galleons…

San Blas Islands

The best way to get around the whole Archipelago of the San Blas Islands is to sail from an island to one otherwith the skippers of sailing boats and catamarans. It’s also possible to book flights from Panama City to El Porvenir, Playon Chico, Achutupu, Ogobsucum or Corazon de Jesus airports. it’s even possible to reach Guna Yala by car, a jeep 4×4 from Panama city to Carti. It will takes 3 hours by car.