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Pirates of the Caribbean

The place in which the pirates have been sailing was the Caribbean, were there were the lines of transport in Spain, but not only, also the fortified cities from which the ships left, such as Portobello, currently located in the Republic of Panama or Maracaibo in the present Venezuela, both the famous pirate Henry Morgan espugnate.

Who has not seen all the movies of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean? If you lost someone there, and you are waiting for the last chapter: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, coming soon 2017, look the preview. Caribbean Sea is always the main actor.

Commodore Norrington: The day will come that every man who sails under a pirate flag or are marked as pirate, will have what he deserves: a little rope and fall deaf!

Pirates of the Caribbean

From Pirates to the hippies of the sea

The name pirates comes from the words “letters of race”, the documents of appointment by which the governments of the European powers, in authorizing as the war leaders to attack and plunder by the pirates, on their behalf, the enemy ships. The pirates infact were allies of the French, Dutch and British who has used them to hit the ships carrying the wealth produced by the Spanish colonies overseas.

Our modern pirates instead, which Ezio Miani (oceanic skipper pictured) is its leader are the skippers, the real hippies sea. The skipper in the San Blas are about a hundred, and each of them takes care of his own sailboat or catamaran, just waiting to host the next travelers for an incredible adventure, which will be a dream. An holiday on a sailing boat to the San Blas Islands. Among snorkeling in the beautiful sea life, diving in search of shipwrecks and knowledge of Kuna, you will have the pleasure of hear true stories of the sea …

From the last pirates, the last paradise!

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Thanks to Ezio for the cruise on board of Iemanjà. Wonderful vacation around the islands.

Stefi Elmström

Thanks Ezio! We have had a great time in San Blas. Beautiful cruise on Iemanjà.

Linsa & Grace

Ezio sei un grande amico! Ci vediamo presto alle isole San Blas per un giro in vela.

Marcello Moresco

Mi ricordo quella vacanza in Grecia al timone di Iemanjà. Ezio sei davvero forte!

Maurizio Lupi

We've got married in San Blas, and it was a dream came true Ezio great skipper."

Patricia Moreno

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