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Sailing in San Blas islands with Roberto

His name is Roberto Sala. He is the new skipper of the Sanblasvelero team. Roberto is a great friend of Ezio, and he came to San Blas from the Atlantic Ocean to find the island that is not there. Roberto is an oceanic skipper with a great sailing experience and knowledge, he wolcomes all the fellow travellers on board of Carriacou. Roberto will be your adventure companion, sailing in San Blas Islands. Also fishing experiences in the beautiful waters of San Blas and moments of conviviality at the table, will waiting for you, thanks to roberto’s passion for cooking. San Blas sailing then! Of course on board (and in sailing) of Carriacou.


Roberto is a real sea wolf and he has many numbers. We can say that Roberto sailed a lot over the seas, before arriving at San Blas islands. From three years is living at San Blas. Native of Bardolino on Lake Garda, Roberto has been a sailing champion since he was a kid. He has participated to numerous “Centomiglia” and several Italian championships in offshore racing. Roberto bought with some friends the famous Moana 60.

Roberto Sala took part to the middle see race (not really a cruise on a sailing boat for everyone) and he knows the Mediterranean Sea very well. But at some point, with the arrival of Carriacou, a beautiful Comet 50 CL made by the Italian shipyards Comar, Roberto started to think and find his neverless island: the island that is not there.

The favorable trade winds and routes to West-Southwest leads Roberto to discover the Caribbean. For about two years, he sailed solo from the West Indies and Trininad until he has reached Anguilla and then, he sailed to the south. Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Honduras. Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica. Today Roberto Sala Lives at San Blas Islands, an archipelago of 378 islands that we like to call our last paradise.

Sailing in San Blas islands with Roberto

Sailing in San Blas islands: on the table

Roberto wants to welcome his traveler guests with his main course: this time it’s not a race, but to taste the Budu of San Blas. It is one of the most delicious fish caught by Kuna (the local natives). A very common fish in the coral reefs of the islands which his characteristic is to have an external skeleton and then be free of bones inside.

The recipe for Budu: – Kuna women of San blas islands do boil this fish and then open it and extract its tasty flesh. Subsequently the fish is smoked to ensure its conservation. Its flesh is very much appreciated. Once you buy (or rather catch) fresh Budu (not smoked) then you will get some olive oil, salt and pepper, and then let it rest in the refrigerator, before putting it in the pan. It will be served with baked potatoes.

The fruits of the sea of the islands San Blas are many. Thanks to a profitable underwater fishing with some friends, we have catched a considerable grouper (of about 8 kg). We have immediately organized a beach party where the fish was grilled and then putted on the table, accompanied by good wine, beer, rum, and live music.

What are you waiting for to discover this last paradise on a sailing boat? Send a request for booking your cruise on a sailing boat to the San Blas Islands, we are of course available, we will reply you as soon as possible: Booking alle San Blas.

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