Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat



Not many boat builders have renovate the design with so much devotion and attention to the details as Marlow Hunter. This is Iemanjà.

The sail manufacturing has benefited from the continuous development of Marlow Hunter in the production of sailing boats, which blend comfort and manageability to a great performance. The Hunter 33 was born exactly to sail, in a less complicated and much funny way. With its features and qualities it has become a best-seller for one of the most popular builder of America. Iemanjà is waiting for you in the San Blas Islands.


Iemanjà - Tech specs

Width:3.5 m (11′6″)
Fuel tank:95 l (25 gal)
Water tank:189 l (50 gal)
Passenger capacity:8


Ezio Miani has been a skipper for 14 years. He has traveled through all the islands of the Caribbean and he finally stopped in the Archipelago of the San Blas, astonished by its beauty and its crystal ocean floor. “In all my life dreams i’ve never seen a sky like this.

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Pura vida: everything is possible!

Impossible to describe it. This choice lengthen my life and now I haveget the answer: -“this is my fountain of life.” – I’m waiting to share it with you, of course on board of Iemanjà.

Jem, now is really happy, joyful and satisfied, He lights up a cigarette thinking about those moments. It has been a risk but now he is cheerful to have done it.

Professional skipperMy eyes are full of tears, I’m weeping tears of joy. while I’m crying I realize that this is the most and intense moment of my entire life. I am detoxified from everything, I’m so clear headed. I am almost in the middle of the Ocean on a walnut shell of ten metres and i am lucky to live something that just a few can imagine and feel. Today, sailing in the San Blas Islands is the best thing never happened in my life.

It’s life essence. The reason why we live. This was exactly what I was looking for, I’ve no words. What is essential is invisible to the eye… but not to the heart and soul. Thanks, thank you for this. This is the achievement of my biggest dream.

Ezio Miani – oceanic skipper