Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat


Born from Sciomachen’s pencil and talent, she was built by the expert hands of Nino Biasi, Nike is a glorious One Tonner from the 80s -90s
Completely restored and prepared to face the ocean by the expert hands of Enzo and Mirko, father and son, are nautical mechanics and sailors. She offers a simple but comfortable accommodation with all the amenities currently offered by most modern boats. Born with sporting spirit Nike is suitable for those who want to enjoy a comfortable holiday boat without sacrificing sailing performance. Equipped with 3 double cabins, a large bathroom and comfortable dining area can accommodate up to 6 people.

Nike - Specifiche tecniche

Lunghezza totale:12 m (39′3″)
Larghezza:4.05 m (13′2″)
Serbatoio carburante:480 l (128 gal)
Serbatoio acqua:1000 l (264 gal)
Capacità passeggeri:6

Francesco Piazzoli was born in Rome. Being a child, he suddenly caught the sailing bug when initially experiences the thrills of dinghy sailing. Just when Francesco was almost in his thirties, he and his brother decided to acquire a 36ft sailing boat which he started to sail not giving up anymore. Francesco has sailed for years their boat as many others along the length and breath of the Mediterranean Sea, acquiring an important expertise, so as to make it his profession.

His first oceanic trial was a Pacific 26ft boat cruise shared with a good friend. They slipped the moorings from Ecuador in order to reach the Galapagos, an important endeavor he will never forget and will make him realize how keen he was on that life style. He doesn’t miss then the first opportunity to come back to the ocean with other three friends in 2013, sailing Nike and aiming his first Atlantic cross.
They successfully reached the Caribbean Sea, sailing along Cuba and Jamaica they finally arrived in San Blas Islands of Panama. He felt in love with this archipelago deciding to come back during the next (European) winters.

“Only when I found myself for the first time in the middle of the ocean, I finally realized what I wanted to do when I grew up”

Nowadays Francesco sails the Mediterranean waters during the (European) Summer season and the San Blas Islands in Winter, sharing with many friends his passion for sailing, sea and nature.

Thanks to Ezio for the cruise on board of Iemanjà. Wonderful vacation around the islands.

Stefi Elmström

Thanks Ezio! We have had a great time in San Blas. Beautiful cruise on Iemanjà.

Linsa & Grace

Ezio sei un grande amico! Ci vediamo presto alle isole San Blas per un giro in vela.

Marcello Moresco

Mi ricordo quella vacanza in Grecia al timone di Iemanjà. Ezio sei davvero forte!

Maurizio Lupi

We've got married in San Blas, and it was a dream came true Ezio great skipper."

Patricia Moreno