Caribbean and San Blas on a sailboat

Welcome to Panama

Welcome to Panama, once arrived at the airport we suggest you to choose a yellow cab to reach the city.
The price for one ride up to the city centre it’s about 20/25 $ each, plus 5 $ more every extra person.
If you buy a digicell simcard and charge it with 10 $, you can use the internet on some of the islands.
Type *111# and choose one of the options (for example 5 $ for 7 days).
At 5 o’clock in the morning, a jeep will come and pick you up at the hotel and you’ll be taken to Cartì (on a dock). Alchoolic drinks are not included. Ask the driver to stop in a supermarket outside Panama, if you want to buy some. This ride costs 25 $ (for further details text Luiz Alberto in my name, on Wathsapp at +507 66599375).
You must also pay 20+2 $ for Kuna taxes.
On the dock wait for the motorboat that will lead you to our boats, in Checheme or Banedup islands, for 25$.
Bring what is really necessary as you will get around barefoot, in swimsuit all day long.

At 10 in the morning you’ll be ready to dive in a warm and natural swimming pool, surrounded by an amazing reef full of wildlife!
Welcome to paradise.